KickAround Live is a 5 aside multiplayer football game. Have you ever played KAL before? If yes, you might be familiar with this game too.


  • Build, train, customize your team
  • Play with others Unrated (from 1v1s to 4v4s), Rated games(1v1s)
  • Optionally try your players in a Sandbox mode
  • While training your team gives you an advantage, ultimately this game is skill-based. There are countless ways to score a goal. Another skill is in defending.


  • Tutorial and Singpleplayer Mode

The game is multiplayer and new, thus it might happen that there might not be enough people online to play with. If you got friends, you can play together with your friends. Alternatively, you can try join the following dc server, and ask for a game: 

To ask people for a game/start a discussion:

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